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The Sheen X500 Package Includes
The Sheen X300 Flamegun Together
With The Hood And Trolley 

The most effective weedkiller you can buy

Weeds are a gardener's biggest headache

The Sheen X500, the world's best selling flamegun

The flamegun can be use with or without the trolley and hood if you wish

The organic answer to weed control, this flamegun destroys weeds with a searing 2000 degrees Fahrenheit blast which when directed at the base of weeds stops the plants sap rising

Leaving the weeds to dry for a few days, a second gunning incinerates all top growth and weed seeds, leaving a potash rich residue

The hinged hood allows you to keep the flame contained within the hood, useful when carrying out inter-row weeding

The trolley accessory allows the hand held flamegun to be turned into a wheeled unit (and avoiding the need to carry the gun whilst in operation). This is useful when tackling large areas and when burning off strips in a straight or smooth line, eg weeding edges, paths, and drives

 One gallon tank
2000 degrees Fahrenheit blast
Paraffin fuel
Integral pressure pump
Pressure gauge
Precision control valve and burner
Gun weight 6 KG & 12 KG with hood & trolley
Brand new with box and instructions

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